Alfresco (news, site) has been an open source CMS company for quite some time. Yet, only the company's employees have been able to commit code to Alfresco projects: up until now.

The Alfresco Community Committer Program

Alfresco has launched the(ACCP). As ECM Architect blogger Jeff Potts points out, the ACCP doesn't open the door wide for community participation. Instead, the program represents a process by which Alfresco-based projects can be accepted into the ACCP Incubator.

Once accepted, the project's developers decide whether they want to leave their code wherever they already have it, or migrate it to the Incubator's repository.

Eventually, the ACCP will choose projects to take the step from the Incubator into Alfresco Community, and eventually into Alfresco Enterprise if Alfresco Engineering agrees with the recommendation.

How exactly the time for promotions will be determined is still in the process of being worked out. Right now there are four projects in the Incubator:

Learning Opportunities

Who Gets Into the ACCP?

The ACCP accepts Alfresco software extensions, add-ons, plug-ins, integrations and other types of products that:

  • Enhance Alfresco's core capabilities
  • Meet a specified set of standards
  • Are approved through votes by the ACCP Committee, which Alfresco states is "a community-led, volunteer group that governs the processes and standards by which software contributions will be incorporated into ACCP"

When it comes to getting your extension project into the ACCP, the process is fairly simple. You start by getting Alfresco community members to nominate your project. Then, the ACCP Committee reviews the nominations and votes on which to include in the Incubator.

If you want to learn more, there's a webinar on the ACCP coming on 27 July 2010, at 11am ET/8am PT/4pm UK.