Community Builder Offers Peek at CB 1.2 Plugins
There are open source CMS extensions and then there are families of them. These families tend to revolve around a single, powerful core that includes an API, allowing it to serve as a linchpin for a whole suite of related features.

In late January, the folks at Joomlapolis released version 1.2 stable of their popular Community Builder extension for Joomla! (news, site) and Mambo. Now select CB users can check out release candidates of five CB plugins.

How to Peek

The core Community Builder component is available for free to registered users of the Joomlapolis site. As a whole piece, the component is licensed under the GPL, but according to the CB project, portions of the component's internals are "subject to other licenses for which CB Team has rights of use for Community Builder."

Early versions of five CB plugins are currently available to members of the Community Builder Documentation Subscription Service. This service is one of the methods that the CB team uses to fund its site and other expenses. Along with access to release candidates for preview, subscribers also get access to extensive CB documentation.

What You'll Find

The plugins available for preview are:

  • CB ProfileBook Plugin version 1.2 RC2: Now offers native support for CB 1.2 and all existing versions of Joomla! 1.0.x and 1.5.x. With this version, the CB team has added two more tabs to the CB-generated user profiles: a ProfileBlog tab and a ProfileWall tab.
  • CB ProfileGallery Plugin version 1.2 RC2: Now available for CB 1.2 and its upgraded jquery library, as well as Joomla 1.5.x, 1.0.15, and Mambo.
  • CB Rating Field Plugin 1.0 RC1: The CB team's first fieldtype plugin. This extension adds two new field types for those creating new CB fields from the CB Field Management panel. With this plugin, you can let your users vote on or rate just about everything using AJAX.
  • CB Privacy Plugin 1.0 RC1: Lets profile owners make CB fields or tabs as private or public as they want.
  • CB Ajax Text Field Plugin 1.0 RC1: The CB team's second fieldtype plugin. It adds an AJAX front-end for editing visible CB fields. For example, the popular "What's my status?" functionality across social networking sites.

A demo peek at some of the new Community Builder profile plugins.

Not all of these plugins will be released to those outside the subscription service.

Other goodies to expect from the Community Builder team in the coming weeks and months are the CBSUBS paid subscription system for easily controlling what paid and unpaid members see without having to hack Joomla! itself and the Joomlapolis Hosting Service for those interested in placing their mission-critical CB and Joomla! sites in a "fail-safe secured cluster infrastructure."