Another Web Content Management System Offers a SaaS Version

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Bitrix Apps Goes SaaS With Parallels
Another sign that SaaS is the future of content management -- or at least a big part of that future. Bitrix (news, site), provider of web content management and portal solutions, has partnered with Parallels to offer their solutions in a software-as-a-service model. Even better, that SaaS model will be "On Demand" utilizing Parallel's open Application Packaging Standard (APS™) hosting.

SaaS Solutions Will Be ‘On Demand’

With more than 200 SaaS-applications available with Parallels, the new Bitrix SaaS offerings will give the end-user an option to pay for a given application when, and as, they need to.

Certification with the APS program opens a new service model for independent software vendors like Bitrix by allowing them to serve their next generation applications through the web platforms of major worldwide service providers.

Using this On Demand model, customers are given the opportunity to create hassle-free websites and manage their content easily using Bitrix Web Content Management solutions.

Deal offers “Openness and Independence”

Parallels also predicts growth in demand for enterprise applications supporting crucial business processes including Web conferences, IP-telephony, CRM and ERP. It says the principal advantage in the new partnership is “openness and independence”.

“The earlier software developers and service providers use the single standard for hosting and selling applications. The sooner they and their users realize the benefits of SaaS applications the better for them”, says Ilya Baymetov, Technical director of the SaaS Practice, Parallels, Inc..

Learning Opportunities

Bitrix’s CEO Sergey Rizhikov added that the development of corporate information management systems is one of the real growth areas in the IT market, and the company plans to offer a similar cost saving scheme for the Bitrix Intranet Portal.

Three SaaS Versions for Bitrix Site Manager

The three versions of the Bitrix Site Manager -- Start, Standard and Ultimate-- were certified and added to the APS Certified Catalogue.

The Start Edition enables users to create website pages and sections, publish news, articles and directories, and assign access rights to the site content, while the Standard Edition allows for the creation of interactive sites with the ability to communicate with visitors on forums and blogs. It also allows users to conduct surveys, create photo galleries and mail to subscribers. Ultimate, specifically aimed at online businesses, will allow users to create and manage e-stores.

Bitrix joins a number of other content management and digital asset management vendors who have chosen to offer a SaaS version of their product. With the small to mid-sized business being squeezed for funding, a SaaS solution is an attractive alternative to an on-premise solution that can increase costs and time to market for websites and applications.