Is your website slow? Are you concerned that slow load times is costing you potential sales opportunities? Maybe you need Aptimize and one its website accelerators. The New Zealand based startup has just opened its doors in the US with the hopes of helping more organizations pick up the pace.

The Story Behind Aptimize

It's always interesting to hear the story of how a solution came to be. In many cases the path to product development never starts out with a plan to create that product, but to resolve some other issue. As is the case with Aptimize.

Read the FAQs for the Aptimize website and you'll get the story, but it goes like this: a few years ago a couple of guys built an online project management tool that worked really fast in their home country, but not so much around the world. They had a fast internet, a solid technical architecture and a well-tuned solution, but still the website wasn't loading fast. So they built the Website Accelerator (WAX), except they gave it a boring name "Runtime Page Optimizer". People were impressed and they knew they had a new path. And so Aptimize the company was born in September 2008.

How Does WAX Work?

A number of techniques are applied to help with the optimization process including the following:

  • Reducing HTTP requests
  • Compressing page resources
  • Increasing caching
  • Optimizing image combining and inlining
  • Optimizing JavaScript combining
  • Maintaining browser & search engine compatibility
  • Supporting common JavaScript frameworks
  • Supporting dynamic content
  • Easy configuration

The Website Accelerator is actually just a software application that runs on the web server. It runs on both Linux (as a Daemon and module) and Windows (as an IIS ISAPI filter). The software works at runtime, automatically optimizing web pages as they are requested and delivered to the browser.

There's even a special WAX for SharePoint supporting versions from SharePoint 2003 to 2010 and WSS.

Benchmarking Performance

To put more proof to their cause, Aptimize did some performance benchmarking on a number of Fortune 500 company homepages. There are the overall results they found using a free online tool called PageTest:


Performance benchmarks based on averages across the Fortune 500 companies

And here is an interesting interpretation of the results. Note the larger the logo, the slow the page load times:


Coming to the US

Today, Aptimize officially brings their Website Accelerator solutions to the US for use by both internal and external facing websites.

“We’re very excited to make our entry in the US market,” said Ed Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Aptimize. “Website speed is a critical issue for businesses of all sizes, and load times have a proven impact on traffic, user experience, and ultimately revenue. We’re eager to help businesses improve the performance of their websites and applications.”

With Google announcing the website load times are a factor in determining search ranking, you certainly want to be sure you are doing what you need to do to optimize the performance of your website.

And they are obviously doing something right as both Google and Microsoft sing their praises in the buzz section of the Aptimize website.