Asbru Web Content Management
Asbru is the rainbow bridge in Norse mythology, built between the realm of man and the realm of gods. If we were to take this literally, it could signify that the release of Asbru's CMS version 6.5 bridges the gap between basic and advanced Web lifeforms. With its ready to use system of optional community, e-commerce and statistics add-on modules Asbru Content Management's newest release provides greater functionality to the realm of man, er...the user. For a company that has been delivering rapid fire updates all summer, this latest release stands out a bit, adding a long list of advanced functionality, including Google Sitemaps support. Tying Sitemaps support in the to core of a Web CMS can help to enhance the search engine friendliness (SE0) of a public-facing system. Version 6.5 also includes improvements to their database's configuration for importing content, design and media. Users can now add on photo galleries, contact and booking forms as well as a "Pluggable Calendar" that can be used for news, events and blog entries and for any type of custom data containing dates. With blogs with track-back functionality, a horizontal drop-down menu generator, and 172 ready-to use website designs with 49 ready-to-use website template page grids/layouts, Asbru's Web Content Management system allows users a plethora of options that will make their sites more user friendly and more functional. Those interested in benefiting from the latest and greatest version of Asbru Content Management can take it for a test spin here. Promoted as a system that is easy to use for techies and non-techies alike, the updates released in its newest version continue to improve Asbru Content Management's get rolling, straight out-of-the box model.