Web content management vendor Asbru has just released version 6.6 of their flagship product. As you may recall, version 6.5 included improvements to their content migration and import abilities, andtheir product's search engine friendliness. This latest update significantly improves the core workflow features. Specifically, they have added an advanced workflow engine to manage the publication processes for all website content. A design for smooth workflow processes is often the key piece of any Web CMS offering, so this latest update is certainly welcome. The new engine helps to provide control, simplicity and flexibility to those with little technical knowledge as well as those with lots. The implementation is designed to support almost any organization's existing publishing and/or business processes and can handle multiple workflow definitions in parallel; there isn't a limit to the number of organizational departments that have their own workflows.Key features include:* Unlimited workflow definitions* Unlimited steps per workflow* Personal workspaces with summaries of content waiting for review* Email alerts of content in queue * Item state visibility -- seeing where content is in the workflow process Users have the option to create different workflow definitions and can be enforced for different sections of a website and for various types of content including pages, products, image media, audio files, electronic documents and other files. Additionally, configuring those responsible for each step of the process is easy to set up and can be summarized with diagrams that provide a quick overview of all the workflow actions in the system.For those currently looking for a new Web CMS solution, you can dig into an online trial account and see if Asbru is a candidate for your shortlist.