Wikipedia tells us the term "asbru" describes a bridge leading from the realm of mortals to the realm of the gods. From a certain angle -- which eventually we might discover -- British company Asbru must be no different. Asbru Software releases Asbru Web Content Management System 6.3, a product that gears itself toward non-technical users design-wise but doesn't forsake the flexibility and power that developers are accustomed to.While the Hosted Edition of the Asbru Web Content Management System already possesses the ability to host, manage and build separate websites for a broad number of individual clients, v6.3 now offers a number of improvements in the software as a service (SaaS) realm. Here's a breakdown of the benefits of Asbru Web Content Management System 6.3: Customization Options The new application is customizable so hosting companies can create a unique look and feel for their storefronts. They can also create templates for individual sectors and enable customers to select from these when ordering a website. A hosting company involved in manufacturing parts, for example, may wish to offer parts purchasers templates specifically tailored to this sector. Coherent Categorization An improved administration interface for hosted websites features the ability to categorize hosted websites into varying locations, such as sector or customer location. Online Support Capabilities Improved functionality enables hosting service providers to give their customers added support. Support tickets may be submitted through an application, and customers can also participate in support forums moderated by the hosting service provider. Finally, and this is really cool, v6.3 includes an application that automates the order and delivery of the system as a hosting service. This means customers can affix web hosting requirements to a shopping-list and a website is automatically set up and configured for them once the order is complete. Their website details will be neatly e-mailed to them along with an invoice. That takes a great deal of back-end grunt work out of satisfying handpicked specs for each client. The Asbru suite is impressive. But even as vendors like Asbru and VYRE strengthen, the European CMS market remains an open field for major contenders. The Asbru Web Content Management System comes ready to use out-of-the-box, with a complete set of features. It is ASP.NET, JSP/Java and PHP friendly, and can run on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X. Users can also update web content via IE, Mozilla/Firefox and Safari. Check out for more information. London-based Asbru is a cross-browser/cross-platform web content management system software vendor and they claim over 1200 customers across more than 30 countries. They were incorporated in 1999.