MySQL, the most commonly used open source database with open source content management systems, takes on Bitrix, a provider of Web CMS software, as a new certified partner this week. The partnership promises to yield benefits to Bitrix content management system users, administrators and clients. To meet the partnership demands Bitrix has committed to maintaining a strong cooperation with MySQL, providing users with certified and tested solutions.The Bitrix offering that stands to benefit from the partnership is Bitrix Site Manager, a content management suite for web sites. Bitrix recently released v5.1 of Site Manager to keep it up to date with the changing needs of businesses in the Web 2.0 realm. Site Manager aims to deliver cost-effective growth management for website projects while maintaining security and broad functionality. Developed in PHP, it can run on any UNIX or Windows platform. Backend database options include, of course, MySQL, and a few others like Oracle, Oracle XE, MS SQL and MS SQL Express. Underscoring the relevance of the Bitrix/MySQL liaison, Bitrix CEO Sergey Rizhikov points out, "Bitrix Site Manager was first developed for use with the MySQL database. More than 80% of our customers enjoy MySQL's impressive capability and scalability." Last October MySQL AB released MySQL for the Enterprise, a solution tailored to helping corporate users better monitor their MySQL databases. As MySQL enters further into the corporate arena and Bitrix leverages its flexible PHP roots, the match looks promising. Alexandria, VA-based Bitrix, Inc. was founded in 1998 by a set of IT specialists. They focus on developing content management systems, as well as portal solutions. They've recently turned an eye towards Web 2.0 CMS needs.