BitsyBox Web CMS, Built for Developers Too

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Billed as a content platform for Web developers, here comes BitsyBox offering data stores, easy editing and a content delivery network in one hosted Web CMS.

Built With Developers in Mind

In the ever-expanding field of hosted CMS products, you need something to stand out. With many going the "no experience needed" route, here comes BitsyBox from California that makes its pitch to those with Web developer skills (and have existing sites they wish to upgrade) who want an easier life.

Actually, it does the "no experience" bit as well for site users, to help get them out of the developer's hair, as explained in the video.

Ignore the bit about "private alpha," BitsyBox is just out of beta.

Developer API

The cool bit for devs is the API that lets them manage the code and data. Their hosted API will output common parse-able formats (like JSON and XML), saving them from having to pick up a new skill.

BitsyBox also offers a free downloadable PHP5 client which ties everything together and allows devs to handle the connection, caching and manipulation of API data. Just add a few lines to the site's code and users can update their content at will from the BitsyBox dashboard.

As Scott Rocher, co-founder of BitsyBox, explains "Our major competitors are CushyCMS and Drupal/WordPress. We sit somewhere between the two, offering what we think is a very compelling package to developers. As far as hosted CMS's go, we're the only one that doesn't do actual website page creation. This is just a place to store text and photos in a structured way."

Learning Opportunities


BitsyBox's dashboard looks a pleasure to work with

The data can also be used for iPhone apps or sent just about anywhere. Providing support for XML, JSON, or PHP, the API allows developers to create their own site tweaks and add features. Ultimately, it's an easy way to turn a static site into one that customers can easily edit and developers can make more flexible.

A CDN Thrown In Too

Users with static image hosting also get a Content Delivery Network to boost the speed of their site to browsers around the world. It uses Amazon CloudFront and its global network of servers to improve image delivery to website pages.

For users, the dashboard has just been enhanced, primarily to make it easy for future developments, but also with some improvements for the humble user. Featuring sliding windows, the appropriate content and context is always available for the part you are editing, and it speeds up the editing process as well.

BitsyBox is available as a free package for a single five-page site and one user, a US$ 10 Basic package (5 users, 20 pages and 500 hits per hour) or a custom package for those with greater needs.