Bridgeline,iAPPS Analytics
Bridgeline Software is a provider of web content management software. They are moving in the SaaS arena offering a suite of products referred to as iAPPS. The iAPPS Framework and Product Suite is a combination of Content Management, Analytics, eCommerce and eMarketing. Their newest release is iAPPS Analytics – the second release of products under the iAPPS Framework. Bridgeline says that this new product “enables a new intelligent form of "analytics-driven" content through the seamless integration of web analytics and content management”. They also say this integration between analytics and content management is unique to the market. Well we say – uh, no…see Clickability for starters. But we were still interested, so we went a little deeper. Although it appears you can use iAPPS as a standalone product, the biggest advantages are shown when integrated with the iAPPS Content Manager – Bridgeline's Web Content Management System and other iAPPS products. So what is iAPPS Analytics exactly? Well it’s a web application management system which is a fully functional web analytics package. But this analytics package does more than analyze the data once it’s gathered. It integrates at the data-level to provide companies with the ability to deliver content much more strategically based on analytics. Some features of the product include: * Dynamic Page Tracking and Auto page tagging – You don’t have to worry about implementing coded tags to monitor your page; the software does it for you. * Dynamic segmentation * Personalization based on audience segmentation profiles * A full range of clickstream reports covering visitor metrics, event watches and overall traffic. * Navigation reports include inbound/outbound traffic analysis, click-through path analysis and click-density analysis among others. What’s different from traditional analytic tools is that page reports can be linked directly back to content authors making them accountable. These authors can also use the iAPPS analytics interface to manage and edit their content pages. iAPPS Analytics can be delivered as either a SaaS solution or a fully licensed in-house product. Pricing starts at roughly USD $1,000 per month depending on URL and database requirements. It can also be used for both Internet and intranet sites. From a SaaS prospective iAPPS Analytics looks and smells a lot like the analytics capabilities that are built into the Clickability platform solution. Both provide auto tagging and integrated analytics with content. Remember the cmSideKick? We mentioned that funky little app in the Clickability Web Content Management Quick Take. We’re not saying Clickability – did that, already been there. What’s important is that content management vendors are finally starting to recognize how important analytics are to content management and website usability. If you are interested in learning more about how web analytics can help improve the usability of your site, attend the webinar: Marketing Trends: Connecting Content to the Customer. It’s conducted by Forrester and sponsored by Bridgeline. It discusses how the integration of analytics and content improves measurement and usability. Definitely an interesting webinar to attend whether you are looking at the Bridgeline solution or not. If you want more information about the company and its iAPPS product suite, take a stroll over to their website and have a good read.