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Another company with another SaaS product. This time it's Bellevue–based DataSphere, who is now offering their Web Suite on an "infinitely scalable" multi-tenant platform.

What should be of particular interest to companies finding it difficult to attract traffic to their website is that this solution contains elements that will land users right into their company’s lap – and website.

Traffic Optimization

DataSphere is the rebranded name for SecondSpace Inc, which until the end of last year focused primarily on providing web resources for people with holiday homes.

While that might appear a bit ‘niche’ for many companies, they have successfully grown the ResortScape.com and LandWatch.com. Combined, these websites help people who are moving to a new area research those areas and connect them with local services using SecondSpace’s -- now DataSphere's -- Lifestyle Search and Discovery tool.

DataSphere has spread their wings and is now offering their solution to anyone who needs to draw more traffic to their doorstep, particularly websites that have extensive product, media or other data catalogs.

“The DataSphere Web Suite is designed to enable Web sites with extensive product, media or other data catalogs to benefit from the latest advances in Internet technology. By reducing the cost and complexity, improving the user experience and speeding up deployment of these new technologies, we can help Web site owners to increase revenues and reduce expenses within weeks,” DataSphere CEO Satbir Khanuja said.

The Foundation Platform

The DataSphere Web Suite is built on a foundation that includes three components: Core, Forge and Clarus.


There DataSphere Platform

  1. CORE: A search and discovery tool that allows for semantic search, geo tagging and a new search weighting ability that willoffer results according to user needs
  2. FORGE: A site managing and rendering tool that is the ‘power’ behind all DataSphere products and marketing tools. Built on rows of commodity servers it can monitor itself, diagnose its own problems and scale to any volume of web traffic.
  3. CLARUS: A behavioural targeting and response tool that tracks user interaction with the system and pulling together page impressions used and ‘clicks’ around the site creates instant profiles of users and matches them toother groups of users that behave similarly. This solution pushes the auto-merchandising system and helps place relevant results at the top of search results.

The DataSphere Web Suite

Built on top of the core DataSphere platform, the DataSphere Web Suite is comprised of four solutions:

Search and Discovery

This component will insert a new search result page and accompanying widgets into a client’s web site effectively overhauling current search and discovery capabilities.


DataSphere Web Suite - Search and Discovery

Audience Builder

Audience Builder enables the creation of co-branded ‘mini’ sites that can be inserted quickly and efficiently into third party sites, presumable with their agreement. This provides exposure to third-party site traffic and generates links back to the parent site, significantly boosting SEO.

Learning Opportunities


DataSphere Web Suite - Audience Builder

Site Multiplier

The Site Multiplier subdivides the product catalog of large comprehensive sites into specifically targeted domains, or micro sites. For example, sports goods sites can, with relatively little work, create separate, specialist sites for each of their products.


DataSphere Web Suite - Site Multiplier


Totalsite is the complete end-to-end solution for larger websites with deep catalogs of data from media to ecommerce and real estate sites.

It comes with built-in SEO optimization, semantic search and behavioural targeting. With this product large companies can go to the market quickly and at minimal cost.


DataSphere Web Suite - TotalSite

Backed by Solid Experience

The expertise for DataSphere comes in the shape of Satbir Khanuja, President & CEO, who spent seven years as head of Amazon.com's Worldwide Traffic organization, Delane Hewett as Chief Technology Officer who launched Windows Marketplace, MSN Shopping and MSN HomeAdvisor while at Microsoft, and Gary Cowan, VP Products, also with a background in Microsoft as Director of Search for MSN and Group Product Manager in the Windows Division.

DataSphere powers some of the sites of bigger multinationals like Time Warner Inc and Readers Digest Association.

Take a closer look and see if it's the SaaS Web Content Management solution for you.