Can Your Content Migration be Fully Automated?

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Your needs evolve, technology changes, vendors get acquired...somethingeventually inspires a change of content management platforms. But selecting a new system is only one step and likely not the most challenging one. Migrating your existing website and content, now that's another story.

Depending on yoursituation, you will face any number of different challenges -- missing digital assets, metadata all over the place or missing, linked resources, content restructuring. And let's not forget that it's unlikely you are migrating static web pages. 

Has Automated Content Migration Arrived?

Kapow Software has stepped up claiming a new approach to migrating content. They say they can eliminate the content freeze. After a detailed content inventory, they propose a three step approach to content migration. The process starts with extraction using their Extraction Browser, which can process dynamic HTML and extract data from Flash. From there it moves to transformation, and ends with loading the content into the new CMS.

Learning Opportunities

They say their system works for alltypes of structured and unstructured content, including content such asemail, calendars and blog posts.

The New Inventory, Extract, Map and Migrate Process

The tools look impressive during the demos. But extensivetesting we've not yet done. So before you drink the Kapow Kool-Aid(and fork over the cash) make sure you dig into the details and run realtests. Their Definitive Guide to Automating Content Migration is a start.