Clickability Extends SaaS Web CMS With Integrated IDE

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Clickability Extends SaaS Web CMS With Integrated IDE
Web CMS outfit Clickability (news, site) adds an integrated development environment to allow customization and flexibility for its on-demand CMS product.

Play Time For Designers

The folks at Clickability must have been really busy this year, no blog updates since last November, no press releases since October. What's been going on deep in their San Francisco offices? 

One answer may be the addition of an Eclipse-based development environment to Clickability's Platform that will allow site designers to work with a range of advanced features for the SaaS-based Web CMS.

While Clickability has long claimed to be accessible to a non-technical audience, it can now appeal to developers and web designers, encouraging improved, better featured websites and content for clients.

Available to all existing users now, features of the IDE include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Allows designers to work on code or templates from any location.
  • Secure access to the Clickability Platform design repository from within Eclipse.
  • Template development with rich editing features.
  • Tracking and auditing of template updates with version histories.
  • Manage the development, staging and production environments.
  • Preview updates within Eclipse.

Clickability is aimed at high tech, government and media industries and offers SaaS content management, social media features and a full management system, saving on the need for expensive hardware.

A Total Eclipse

The Eclipse IDE was started by IBM but is now an open platform with a huge number of plug-ins beingdeveloped and used by many companies to ensure open and vendor-neutralstandards.

If you want to find out more about Eclipse then you could make it to Santa Clara for EclipseCON 2010 that runs from the 22-25 March. Alternatively, there are a series of training events around the world that might be of use.