Clickability Uses Google Website Optimizer
Google has launched a new Website Optimizer Technology Partner (WOTEP) program to go along with its Website Optimizer Tool. The Website Optimizer is designed to help organizations increase traffic and turn more visitors into customers. Web Content Management provider Clickability has decided to take advantage of this new technology and is now a partner in the program.

Google Website Optimizer

The Website Optimizer is a free tool used to test websites based on what mix of content and site layout works best to help convert visitors into customers. It was launched as a beta by invitation over a year ago and there are over 1700 active users today.Through a Google web-based interface, an organization selects the pages and content they want to test, including images, headlines and designs. The Optimizer then shows these content and design alternatives to visitors and monitors which combinations lead to the highest conversion rates. Once the information is gathered, an organization has access to a number of reports that outline the best alternatives for the website.Sounds pretty good doesn't it? There were questions about how well this technology will work with Content Management Systems. It looks like Clickability is one of the first on board the Partner program to demonstrate this is indeed possible. The key, of course, is the insertion of Javascript tags into the pages to do the actual work.

How has Clickability Integrated this Tool?

Clickability lets its customers leverage this tool by integrating it directly into the WCM platform. It does this in several different ways:* Pre-built templates that make the Website Optimizer simple to use for end-users* Detailed, step-by-step documentation and instructions on how to use the Optimizer* Regular Informational Webinars* Access to Clickability trained experts on the use of the Optimizer.On the Website Optimizer blog today, Google shows how one of Clickability's customers has leverages the tool to do A/B testing on a newsletter subscription page.Clickability is one of several partners in this new program with Google. Others include Internetrix, Marqui and Ingeniux. It's free to join the partner program and use the tool (even if you aren't a partner).The Google Website Optimizer sounds like a good tool. Would be interesting to test drive and see if it actually does provide real benefit and help with conversions. If you've tested it or are using it now, let us know how it works for you.