Connector Bridges TYPO3 and SharePoint
Using SharePoint as your Intranet application and open source Web CMS Typo3 (news, site) for your public facing website? Need to connect them to share content? Now you can.


Connecting SharePoint and Typo3

It's entirely possible that you have SharePoint implemented internally to support your intranet, managing your documents and employee community. But it's not the norm to have SharePoint 2007 installed to support a public facing website. Usually you have a different Web CMS. Maybe Typo3 for example.

Just because one is open source, built using PHP and the other is proprietary and built using ASP.NET, doesn't mean there isn't a way for the two to interoperate. Because there is. And TYPOTYCOON, a company that provides Typo3 services, has provided that integration for you.

The SharePoint Connector

It's a pretty common name for a SharePoint connector (everyone seems to call their SharePoint connector the same thing). What is does is take documents and other content out of SharePoint and display it in a Typo3 website.

There are two components to the SharePoint Connector:

  1. SharePoint ConnectorCore: This is your PHP application that access and exchanges data with SharePoint.
  2. SharePoint ConnectorFlex: This is the connector to the Web CMS (Typo3).

The Connector requires WSS 3.0 to work and provides a number of features on both the front-end and the backend, some of which include:

  • Front End Features: Configuration of SharePoint lists and libraries, access rights, workflow and versioning, attachments and full text search.
  • Back End Features: Mapping of SharePoint lists and fields to Typo3 lists and fields, synchronization of web images and SharePoint lists.

Also interesting is that you can access SharePoint data from the Typo3 file browser, which means not only can you preview the document or list item, but also metadata about that document or item.

Open Source, But Not Free

Yes, it's built on open source technology for an open source Web CMS, but the Typo3 SharePoint Connector itself will cost you -- we just aren't sure how much.

You can get lots of examples of how to use the connector on the TYPOTYCOON website and request a demo of the connector in action.