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The Content Wrangler Community is a new social network dedicated to people who value content as a business asset that must be effectively managed. It's a place for technical communicators, medical and science writers, marketing pros, content management gurus and content creators of all types to cool their heels. Basically, it's like a Facebook for content pros. "Social networks are about connecting people and ideas," said Scott Abel, manager of The Content Wrangler Community. "Web-based social networks are the natural evolution of the web from a passive broadcast medium to a multi-directional communication platform that more closely supports the way humans interact in the physical world. We congregate. We join others like us. We interact with birds of a feather. Until the advent of social networking tools, the web failed miserably to connect people in meaningful ways." The Content Wrangler Community, launched officially March 8, has attracted more than 600 members from all over the world. Members come from a variety of disciplines and experience levels. The Community provides a variety of members only services, including discounts on upcoming conferences, free access to tutorials, books, webinars and online learning courses. The community is an extension of, a blog that focuses on topics related to content creation, management and delivery. The Content Wrangler Community includes a number of features such as: * Keyword searchable archive * Keyword searchable member directory * Music and video players * Groups and discussion forums * Customizable home pages * Member-to-member communication * Integration with Facebook applications "Some of our members really gravitate to the social features of the community," Abel says. "Things like videos, music, and discussion forums are some of the most popular. And, of course, it's a much better medium for interaction compared to old-school listservs. Members can see each other online and converse in real time. And, the addition of photos helps humanize the site. Just look at the many different types of members that have joined the community already and you'll begin to appreciate how diverse a global social network of this type can be. It's exciting!" Visit the contentwrangler for more info or to sign up.