CushyCMS Stays Simple, Gets WYSIWYG, Chalks up 30k Sites
Australian developers Stateless Systems (news, site) has built on and improved its simple Web Content Management System CushyCMS. New features include improved editing capabilities and security. But one thing has remained the same, this is still a simple to implement and use Web CMS.

Updates to CushyCMS

Now being used to power over 30,000 sites (115,000 web pages), the CushyCMS is making waves in the simpler Web Content Management System segment, where it faces competition from the likes of Surreal, Clover and others.

To remain competitive, CushyCMS has added multiple language support (including Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish), XML editing features to better support Flash users, SSL security and improved PHP reliability. Also included are some improvements to the display.

CushyCMS is free, although a Pro version, priced at US$ 28 per month, is required for non Cushy-branded sites. Updates to the Pro edition include the ability to customize the available WYSIWYG editor options for each site and the ability to define custom styles for the editor.

A Very Simple CMS

The simple-to-use aims of CushyCMS are demonstrated in setting up, where it takes just a few clicks to add CSS tags to your pages where you want the CushyCMS-based content to reside and a quick login to CushyCMS to add content to your pages.

Web designers can then grant access to editors and writers to create the content on specific sections of pages within the site, allowing them to maintain control and authority.

“Response to CushyCMS has been tremendously positive from launch, and we take feedback from our users seriously. The new features are a direct response to suggestions we’ve received from our user community and are part of our ongoing effort to make CushyCMS drop-dead simple and useful for web designers.” Reckons Guy King, founder of Stateless.

Note to the CushyCMS site designer, you need to update your little "20,000 sites" starburst!