BitNami releases Ubunti-based virtual appliances
Open Source solutions are becoming even more popular by the day. But that doesn't mean they are any more easier to install and set up. BitNami (news, site) offers a number of new virtual appliances though that should do the trick.

Pushing the Open Source Stack

Ever wanted to try out Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, SugarCRM or Alfresco? Maybe you need to get an open source development environment like Ruby on Rails or LAMP up in a hurry? BitNami is offering a number of virtual appliances to help you out.

Completely free, BitNami is offering Ubuntu-based virtual appliances that include a fully integrated open source application with all the software needed to make it run. Only the minimal version of the Ubuntu Linux OS is installed on the appliance, which will run on the VMWare Player and VirtualBox hypervisors.

Run Your Stack Anywhere

The nice thing about the BitNami virtual appliances is that you can deploy your open source application anywhere. The BitNami stacks can be downloaded as native installers, virtual machine images or cloud templates.

There are a wide number of stacks available for download including Application Stacks and Infrastructure Stacks. And if you don't see the one you want, you can suggest a new application or infrastructure to package up next.