Canadian-based Simian Systems produce the Sitellite CMS in both open-source and commercial flavors. Sitellite is a PHP based Web CMS, built on the Sitellite Application Framework (SAF) and increasingly sprouting some enterprise features. Recently announced, Simian has launched Sitellite Forge a Sitellite community website geared to increase collaboration and code sharing in the community. To get things started a Sitellite add-on contest is spinning the wheels up, with prizes ranging from iPods to commercial Sitellite licenses.As of the writing of this post, there are over 700 Sitellite Forge members (I suspect from the existing forums community), there have been over 6000 downloads, and 19 active projects. One of the more interesting project on the Forge is the phpBeans Object Server. This is an adjunct project to Sitellite, providing a stateful Remote Method Invocation (RMI) specification for PHP and other scripting languages. phpBeans consists of an object server daemon (in PHP) and a client library, available in PHP and Ruby with others to follow. Overall its an interesting effort and marks another milestone in Simian's growth of the Sitellite community. Additional info: SitelliteForge, Sitellite Add-on Contest.