DotNetNuke Adds Marketing, Strategy Experience via Board of Advisors
If keeping ahead of the posse in the web content management industry means responding quicker and more accurately than the rest to market moves, then DotNetNuke Corp (news, site) looks like it could be leading the charge for a while to come.

The open source Web CMS provider has just appointed a board of very experienced advisors that will try and peer into their crystal balls and see what product development and other technology issues are likely to be coming down the line future.

A kind of Macbeth’s witches of the tech industry with four witches instead of three, the new board consists of:

  • Frank Artale, Vice President of Business Development at Citrix Systems. Citrix provides virtualization, networking and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies.
  • Brice Snow, Founder and CEO of Snowcovered, the creator and architect of the largest and best known portal for buying and selling DotNetNuke extensions.
  • Andrew Aitkin, Founder and Managing Partner at Olliance Group, an open source business and strategy consulting firm.
  • Glen Winokur, Managing Director of Emerson Street Partners, who act as an advisory services and seed stage investment firm.

DotNetNuke does appear to have a knack of knowing what’s going to work. Remember that DotNetNuke won PacktPub 2008 award for the Overall Best Open Source CMS.

And with ongoing launches including the recent launch of DotNetNuke Elite and DotNetNuke Premier this month, it would probably take a witches coven to know where next to go.