DotNetNuke acquires Snowcovered
Microsoft .NET fan-kid DotNetNuke (news, site), provider of software for building .NET web sites and applications, recently picked up a fan of their own. Snowcovered, an online marketplace for DotNetNuke modules, skins, services, and other related products just joined forces (officially) with their favorite corporation.

The union is expected to create a stronger bond between the DotNetNuke platform and the Snowcovered online library of third party extensions. With healthier ties to enriching components, the DotNetNuke ecosystem will now likely provide better opportunities for independent software vendors and their users.

"This alignment will help increase the market reach of module and skin vendors, says Navin Nagiah, President and CEO of DotNetNuke Corp. “It will also make a wider variety of modules and skins more accessible to our user base." As for what’s in store for the team behind Snowcovered, founder and CEO Brice Snow will take on the roll of business advisor at DotNetNuke. "I look forward to rolling up my sleeves as a member of the DotNetNuke Corp. team and continuing my deep involvement with the DotNetNuke commercial ecosystem," he says.

DotNetNuke will gradually phase out the DotNetNuke Marketplace over the next few months. Current vendors are encouraged to create a Snowcovered account and move their offerings to Snowcovered during the transition period.