DotNetNuke Corporation Moves to CodePlex

We knew Microsoft was getting more accepting of open source, but allowing open source .Net Web CMS DotNetNuke reside within the walls of CodePlex wasn't something we thought we would see anytime soon.

Goodbye SourceForge, Hello CodePlex

Yes, it's true. DotNetNuke, the only open source .Net Web Content Management System, has moved to CodePlex. As Microsoft's open source hosting site for applications and solutions available for free to the masses, this is a big move.

DNN has previously used SourceForge to host it's distribution. Now they will use CodePlex for download infrastructure, bandwidth and metrics reporting for the core solution, starting with DotNetNuke 4.9.1 and 5.0.0 product releases.

Not The First DNN-CodePlex Relationship

This isn't the first time DotNetNuke has had dealings with CodePlex though. In February of 2008 they announced the availability of DotNetNuke Forge, an open source collaboration space for the DNN platform, hosted on the CodePlex infrastructure.

If their collaboration community is on CodePlex, then it only makes sense they would also use CodePlex to distribute the DNN solution itself. According to Scott Willhite, Co-Founder and Community Director of DotNetNuke Corporation. "After researching the multitude of open source project hosting services available, we have concluded that CodePlex provides the most reliable and dependable infrastructure, cleanest user experience, most advanced project administration tools, and highest commitment to future innovation."

To date, DNN has had more than 34,000 downloads for version 5.00 on CodePlex. DotNetNuke is definitely a well known and used Microsoft-based CMS solution.

But it does seem somewhat odd that Microsoft would help distribute the Web CMS when they have SharePoint and the new blogging/web cms solution called Oxite. Maybe all that's important is that it's Microsoft technology.