Drupal 7 Alpha Released, Call for Testers
Drupal 7 (news, site), much anticipated, is now out in Alpha 1 release and the call for testers is upon us.

This is the first time that version 7 of the open source Web CMS is being offered to the entire Drupal community, and of course, the rest of the world.

Angela Byron (aka Webchick), Drupal 7 project co-maintainer, talked about three queues she wanted testers focused on prior to today's release including:

  1. Looking for "seriously" critical bugs related to API breakages, the broken upgrade path or missing security updates, and any user-facing bugs that don't make D7 look all that fantastic. Look for details on her D7 alpha hit list.
  2. Getting documentation on API changes up to date. Angie is hoping that developers make good on their #D7CX pledges so that the updates of modules from 6.x to 7.x isn't stalled.
  3. Final reviews of the user interface text.

Of course as hard as the community may work, all these things have probably not been complete, but the Alpha 1 release has come out just the same. This release is being treated as a stable release, so no new changes will be made unless they are non-API-breaking bug fixes.

To make the release even more special, it comes on the 9th anniversary of Drupal. Says Dries Buytaert:

Exactly nine years ago, I released Drupal 1.0.0. When I shared my hobby project with the world, I expected no more than a dozen people to actually use it. It took a large community of people to make Drupal successful, but today, Drupal has hundreds of thousands of friends. Thank you to everyone who has been and is contributing to Drupal. Rock!

So happy birthday to Drupal. Now head over to the Drupal Project website and get your D7 Alpha 1 download, or just select form here: