EVN Solutions has released a module that allows content managed in Drupal to be stored in the MarkLogic Server. The module includes many features that will ease integration challenges between products.

A Look at the Features

EVN Solutions has augmented its existing digital publishing product and service offerings with a new component designed to integrate Drupal and MarkLogic (newssite) Servers. Taking advantage of the newest trends, EVN is increasing its use in Drupal to manage content and NOSQL databases. The module allows users to:

  • Load and validate XML from existing workflows onto the MarkLogic Server
  • Create new content using the Drupal editing system and store it on the MarkLogic Server
  • Edit content stored in the MarkLogic Server using Drupal
  • List the content on the MarkLogic Server that has been deployed to Drupal
  • Transform XML in MarkLogic Server into a style for display on Drupal
  • Use content from one MarkLogic Server across multiple Drupal deployments
  • Leverage all features of the MarkLogic Server for content management, rapid product deployment, etc.

Harnessing NOSQL

Drupal typically uses relational databases like MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server to store content. As data, especially unstructured data, continues to expand in size, some have been seeking an alternative to relational databases for persisting content. Many well known sites like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter have either implemented or are exploring the implementation of NOSQL solutions. NOSQL databases can offer:

  • Easier storage of unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Inexpensive horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Fast performance
  • Schema flexibility

The benefits of NOSQL systems are compelling, especially in the context of content management, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to take advantage of them for Drupal. A few open source projects have started to perform a similar integration for MongoDB and Cassandra NOSQL databases, but EVN appears to be first to release a working module that allows users to take advantage of Drupal with NOSQL. Craig Miller, media contact for EVN, said "Interest in the module has been really strong. We've had an amazing number of inquiries in the week since the release."

Obtaining the Module

Pricing for the module is not published, but can be obtained by contacting EVN. Prospective customers will be able to deploy the module using an installer package provided by EVN, available through the company's sales team.

The release of this module is exciting news for users that want to use non-traditional storage tools for their web content. Let's see who will be first to compete with EVN in this new market.