Drupal Documentation Project Gets Funding
Many things happened at Drupalcon DC, the annual conference for the open source web content management platform. There were sessions, BOFs, parties, shirts, keynotes, zoo tours, sandwiches and frankly we probably don't want to know what else.

But for anyone who came to Drupal (news,site) new and lost and tried to use its documentation, something truly wonderful happened too. Jose Zamora from the Knight Foundation announced that, among other things, the Drupal documentation team got the funding they had requested from the Knight Drupal Initiative (KDI).

Coming Soon: Drupal Documentation Sprints

The Drupal documentation team had submitted a grant request to the KDI for money to fund documentation sprints. With the full US$ 50,500 awarded to the team for 2009 for this very purpose, this request will become a reality.

Initial word from Addison Berry is that the money will go toward three major initiatives:

  • Paying for 80 hours of Addison's time to create documentation and training materials that let community members know how they can help.
  • Several focused, in-person sprints with small groups to hammer out the tougher, large-scale documentation issues that need to be addressed. 
  • Getting Addison to DrupalCamps around the world to spread the word on the documentation team, run more sprints and teach locals how to do so as well.

How to Get Involved

The first sprint (the "Game Plan" sprint) is already happening in Toronto, Ontario the weekend of March 21. Nine community members (add1sun, webchick, drumm, emmajane, LeeHunter, Cindy McCourt, Todd Nienkerk, JohnNoc and David Strauss) plan to gather and emerge with a list of goals for Drupal documentation and an idea of how to get there.

If you want to be involved, start by going to the Long range planning sprint page:

  • Read through the Big ass goals section to see the large-scale issues that will be under discussion and comment.
  • Check out and comment on the Documentation Tools page for the thoughts on how to improve things for those who work on the documentation and the users who read it.
  • Visit the Pain points page for a list of the big problems in the way of making completely kick-ass documentation for Drupal and share your thoughts.

Over the discussion weekend, watch these places as well:

  • The issue queue for the tag planning sprint.
  • The Drupal documentation mailing list.
  • Prominent documentation team blogs.

and pretty much anywhere else that the planning sprint participants might post their thoughts.

Those who want to talk to Addison face to face can watch Addison's calendar and meet up at a DrupalCamp.