Eden Platform to improve site-mapping, compliance and Flash
Preation (news, site) adds another round of smart updates for its rapidly expanding Eden Platform to improve site-mapping, compliance and Flash.

Helping Google With Indexing

Eden Platform is coming on with leaps and bounds, it was only last month that we saw a host of improvements for the SaaS-based CMS. The platform as a whole is aimed at a non-technical audience, allowing them to create code-free, optimized and SEO-friendly sites without the need for the expensive talent traditionally needed to help in those areas.

The latest batch of updates are wide-ranging, across a number of features. First up, for those with deep sites who need good Google rankings, the sitemap feature now allows users to link their map to Google with a single click. After that, Google, with its regular crawlers, will know when the site has been updated and index new content.

Are You Compliant?

Compliance is becoming an ever-important and, in many cases, legally mandated, issue for any level of website. Eden now supports standards-compliant XHTML and CSS styles, to ensure your site is fully accessible.

Since Eden makes heavy use of Flash, the service now checks your browser is running the latest available version and offers a suitable update link. Additional features include the ability to give designers access to your sites via FTP.

Sites can be previewed in a new theme as it is being built without switching the live theme and Eden helps users by separating design, layout and content so themes can be switched instantly.


Trial It, Then SaaS It

Eden is available as a free trial, and then in rising steps, depending on your number of visitors. Starting at US$ 10 a month for 1,000 views, the more views, the higher the rate, up to US$ 65 for 10,000.  Higher rates for larger companies are negotiable. Since there are no setup costs or hardware that could well be attractive and, if you have an existing site, Preation will offer to transfer it for a fee.