MojoMotor, a new, lightweight CMS from EllisLab, was demoed today at #EECI2010. Technology Architect Derek Allard said it was targeted at professional developers, to allow them to create a simple site with minimal setup, one that can be easily maintained by the client without needing a detailed administrative interface.

A Lightweight Web CMS

The tool features a simple setup process; a "mojobar" that floats at the top of the page for logged-in administrators and provides access to all site functions; and on-screen editable regions for individual pages and global shared content.  The site has only two levels of accounts: Admins who have full access, and Editors who are only content custodians.

The editor is full WYSIWYG using CKEditor, for the first time available in an EllisLab product. Saving is inline with AJAX, and changes are reflected immediately on the live site.

So, what does MojoMotor leave out? "It does not have categories, dynamic entries, conditionals, ... search, date-based input or [conditional] logic." 

Add-ons and development hooks will be available at launch or soon after, and EllisLab plans to offer contact form functionality soon as well, though that isn't available currently. (The product is currently in an internal beta and feature complete, according to Rick Ellis, CEO.)

Going From MojoMotor to EE

Not everyone was pleased with the new product; some groused about its development by EE's programmers before ExpressionEngine 2.0 is out of beta, and others compared it to PyroCMS, an open-source CMS also built in CodeIngiter with its own existing fan base.

For those who outgrow MojoMotor, Allard said, there's an export that goes directly into an ExpressionEngine 2.0 site, though there's no license upgrade path; migration requires a full-price EE license.

Announced at ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter 2010, MojoMotor is built on the open-source CodeIgniter framework, also from EllisLab. It requires PHP5 and MySQL.  Pricing has been set at US$ 49.95, and Ellis says they plan to release MojoMotor in the next month.