The Web CMS software purveyors at Ektron have announced the launch of the Ektron Certified System Administrator Training Program for web masters, web admins and the other geeks who keep the wheels of so many company websites turning. Each certified training course lasts for two days and will be held twice monthly in Amherst, NH -- where the company's training facility is located.Ektron CEO Ed Rogers notes the number of resources Ektron has created to better position clients for web success, and elaborates, "Similar to the DevCenter, Local User Groups and Certified Web Developer Training, the certified training program will enable users to achieve their web content management goals as part of their overall objectives. This new system administrator course broadens our offerings to serve the group of users who interact with CMS400.NET most often.” And for a mere two days, the program covers a great deal of material for those looking to better utilize the new stock tools of Enterprise 2.0. Web admins who'd like a better understanding of how Ektron CMS400.NET can help maximize corporate web content, this workshop is for you. The curriculum will cover, among other things: * User management and general capabilities * Best practices * Content/document creation and management * Metadata * Taxonomy * Search * Blogs and forums * Ektron Markup Language. You'll also learn how to install CMS400.NET, optimize frequently-used administrator and end-user tasks, develop savvy web pages with Visual Web Developer and train other staff to create, publish and manage your web resources. Ektron provides web content management and authoring solutions for organizations of all sizes. While their tools are easy to use, Ektron ensures web designers, programmers and developers have the utilities they need to efficiently manage their web, intranet and extranet sites from one place. Open API enables easy customization and extensions. Ektron's client base includes over 18,000 happy campers, including Unilever, Intel and Pfizer. In 2004 we reviewed their decision to go native in the land of .NET Web CMS, when they first made their CMS400 product available. You can also read more about Ektron Certified System Administrator Training, or find a class convenient for you here: www.ektron.com/certified.