Ektron - Setting Trends in 2008 According to KMWorld

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Ektron Another Trend Setter for KMWorld
Another one bites the dust -- er -- makes the list. KMWorld's List of Trend Setters for 2008 also includes Ektron and their CMS400.Net content management solution. Now you all know who Ektron is, they are the little guy that beat out the likes of Vignette, Microsoft, Open Text, Oracle, SDL Tridion, Sitecore, EMC and others for top spot in Gartner's MarketScope for Web Content Management 2008. The only one they didn't "beat" was Interwoven.According to Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-chief, "Ektron has proven that they are committed to providing both quality and excellence in their solutions that benefit the customer experience." Other than winning all these awards, Ektron's been pretty busy this year. They opened offices in Canada, brought social networking into the office as part of their solution offering, integrated CMS400.net with Silverlight, launched a new partner portal and more. Whew...busy little beavers aren't they.Now on version 7.5 of the web content management solution CMS400.Net, we expect to see even more from these guys over the next little while. While we don't argue with these vendors making the list -- in fact, in most cases it's easy to see why they do -- it would be nice if KMWorld was a little more specific on what "trend setting" really means and how it applies to each vendor. Maybe we'll see more detail in the Septemeber issue of the magazine when the list is released in full.