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Everyone loves to appeal to the non-techie, including Ektron, a player in the Web content management software game. The company is set to unveil its new CMS400.NET PageBuilder technology during the third annual Local User Group tour. The tour starts February 11th and includes 12 cities worldwide.

The CMS400.NET Lowdown

Already bursting with features and perhaps a content mangement system for the masses, Ektron’s CMS400.NET further highlights its market potential with ease of use. The platform is conveniently built for developers and non-techies alike. Developers can enjoy the built-in server controls, while those with less technical savvy can benefit from an intuitive user interface for managing Web content.

Additionally, an included SEO Toolkit works to make sure people can actually find your site, while memberships, personalization, geomapping, social networking, Web 2.0 tools and Web alerts keep your site visitors coming back for more.

Continuing down a road of non-tech goodness, Ektron’s PageBuilder is aimed at providing users the tools to build entire Web pages on their own (because, that’s such a difficult thing these days?). Ektron says their developer community can also leverage the PageBuilder as a simple way to reuse and share common functionality from one Ektron-powered site to another.

Considering the trends that have surfaced this far into the century, we think it’s safe to assume that most folks will only get lazier as time passes. While the PageBuilder addresses the non-technical needs of such people, technical resources will still control the overall site framework.

“As organizations look to increase efficiencies, the PageBuilder adds a level of agility to tasks that overlap marketing and IT, allowing each department to focus on what they do best,” stated Steven Sherkanowski, vice president of marketing at Ektron. “Now the marketing team can focus on content, messaging and campaign-page creation, while IT develops new functionality and maintains the site behind the scenes.”

What You See Is What You Get--Kinda

Ok, so PageBuilder isn’t totally non-tech. As Ektron puts it, developers build the templates and develop the functional “Widgets.” Site administrators can also determine where non-technical users are empowered to build new pages and with which specific Widgets.

Learning Opportunities

“The PageBuilder technology revolutionizes the way web developers and non-technical departments interact, it’s the logical evolution of the WYSIWYG editor,” stated Bill Rogers, chief executive officer at Ektron. “And, the fact that PageBuilder Widgets are so easy to re-use from project to project means that Ektron CMS400.NET developers will be able to build common functionality once and use it on multiple projects, reducing costs, limiting development risk and speeding time-to-live.”

Dying for more information? The Ektron Local User Group Tour will be held in London, Sydney, Toronto, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Chicago, Houston and Washington D.C. To plug yourself in visit http://usergroups.ektron.com.