Affino NX eBusiness Suite, a fully integrated content Management system for SME's that includes Affino encompasses eCommerce, Content Management, Net TV, eCommunity, Digital Asset Management, ePromotions, eServices, Online Directories and SEO Automation has been launched.And we can here the chorus of website managers exclaiming "yeah baby, yeaaaaah". Ok, we're done with that line, but on a more serious note, bringing all of these functional areas under one vendors umbrella does have the potential to greatly simplify the deployment and upkeep of complex websites. Last month Intel announced SuiteTwo, a less ambitious amalgamation of content management, publishing, and collaboration functionality, but from disparate vendors. Immediate questions included how well will the apps will really work together and how hard will it be to deploy and maintain such a configuration. Emojo suffers not from such concerns. Companies' requirements have moved beyond simply publishing online and organizations are increasingly looking for clever ways to engage their customers, monetize their content and media, and improve their online sales channel. As with SuiteTwo and other common scenarios involves buying or aggregating solutions from multiple vendors and turning their websites into a collection of business silos with separate areas for content, community, media and commerce, leading to increased costs and management overheads and reduced usability and flexibility. This is a very real pain both for the business users who want homogeneous analytics and processes and for the poor IT personnel who must make these things tick smoothly. According to Markus Karlsson, Managing Director of Emojo, "The Affino eBusiness Suite will be a revelation for most companies which are looking to commercialize their web presence. It brings together leading Web 2.0 functionality with a solid eCommerce platform and allows companies to sell everything from access to content, communities and media through to creating advanced product and solution bundles." The company claims that the Affino eBusiness elements combine to allow businesses to fully engage their customers and meet their business goals online. With a single login, Affino allows seamless transition from secure browsing through to participation, interaction and transaction. Emojo believes the combination of commerce, community and media heralds the next generation in eCommerce. "The key challenge has been integrating the eCommerce engine with every aspect of the Affino platform including the community manger, registration and member spaces, the Security infrastructure and right down to the publishing and media engines. The result is that all aspects of Affino are now eBusiness enabled," added Roger Gordon, Emojo's Development Director. The Affino LX publishing, promotions and community platform is currently used by around 200 companies to promote their brands worldwide. The Affino NX eBusiness Suite is available beginning this month and has already been deployed on a number of pilot customer projects. Emojo delivers online business solutions to SME companies worldwide. With their professional services offerings, Emojo offers complete solutions -- analyzing business processes, translating them to an online model, implementing the solution and providing long term support. The company started life in 1998 and is headquartered in London, England. Their Affino product line is based on Adobe's ColdFusion platform.