Enterprise TinyMCE -- The WYSIWYG Editor Evolves

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It's either a shame or a triumph for the developers (perhaps a bit of both), but many of you take your WYSIWYG content editor tools for granted. For the most part they just work and you go on your merry way.

But under the editor hood there's a lively universe to behold. We find quite a few public domain editor choices on the market, including a number of custom-built tools for specific publishing products. But one of the most widely used editors -- thanks in part to its association with Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Jive and others -- is TinyMCE.

More recently, noted WYSIWYG editor vendor, Ephox, has teamed with Moxiecode to produce the Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE editor product. The latest 3.4 version was announced on March 29th and following this the team will be running a live online review and training session on April 20th (you can sign up here).

Learning Opportunities

The latest version of Enterprise TinyMCE features:

  • YouTube IFRAME support
  • An upgraded Flash player
  • Plugin's for lists and auto-linking
  • Improved handling of malformed input
  • A complete rewrite of the HTML serialization (output) engine
  • Web accessibility enhancements (WAI-ARIA)
  • Enterprise support for tracking changes and accessibility verification
  • Numerous bug fixes and more

Ephox is a provider of commercial licenses and support services for Enterprise TinyMCE, and they want to make sure you know all about the new and improved capabilities it has. So join them on Wednesday April 20th at 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET for an interactive webinar that takes a deep dive into the latest features for developers and content managers alike. Reserve your seat for the interactive webinar.