Ephox (news, site) began 2010 with an upgrade of EditLive to v7.0. As 2010 came to a close, EditLive was bumped up yet again to v7.5. This year, Ephox is focusing on user experience by upgrading its professional services -- if you can upgrade services that is -- and adding a new plugin for a better user experience with TinyMCE.

That is not to say that anyone was complaining about their services or the TinyMCE experience, it’s just that in the current environment enterprises are looking beyond pricing as a differentiator and looking to vendor services before spending.

New Services

The professional services introduced for TinyMCE will make it easier for companies to integrate TinyMCE with legacy systems, by providing technical support designed to help companies weigh the risks associated with introducing new software into established systems.

To do this, the services team will be able to develop custom product extensions that will facilitate full integration, so by the time TinyMCE is even brought into the enterprise, the version that is being proposed will be fully tested and ready for deployment.

Power Plugin

The second part of this week’s announcement is the release of a new TinyMCE plug-in called Power Plugin, which improves the user experience with TinyMCE by enabling them to copy content from Word or from other HTML documents cleaner than they currently do.

Commercially available as a software extension, the plugin.integrates seamlessly with TinyMCE and cleans poorly formulated HTML by filtering out unwanted styling, and eliminates time-consuming manual cleaning.

Background on TinyMCE

TinyMCE is an open source and JavaScript-based HTML editor, popular among many content authoring systems (e.g. WordPress) and open source content management systems such as Alfresco and Joomla!. It has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

It has also been gaining momentum with commercial Web CMSs and Enterprise CMSs such as EPiServer, Autonomy Interwoven and Oracle's enterprise collaboration platform Beehive.

In May of last year, a partnership between Ephox and Moxiecode, the developers of the editor, meant that it could be offered under a commercial license and with enterprise support options.

Ephox said at the time that it would bring enterprise-level support and development resources to TinyMCE, furthering its product quality and market reach. According to Andrew Roberts, CEO of Ephox, this partnership would also bring better cross-timezone coverage.This week’s announcement has done just that.