Ephox Adds Web Content Monitoring and Analysis
Ephox (news, site) is apparently no longer content with providing just editing solutions that plug in to a variety of Web CMS's. They've just acquired a product line that adds web content intelligence to the mix.

What's Web Content Intelligence?

Web content intelligence provides editors, administrators and project managers the ability to identify, fix and monitor problems with their web content and processes. For example, those with web content intelligence built into their content management system are able to produce reports that help to:

  • Find the bottlenecks in a process
  • Discover which pages are expiring in a particular timeframe
  • Discover which of their authors are actively using the system
  • Find which pages are assigned to which authors

Being able to find this information quickly helps streamline content team activities and interactions.

What Has Ephox Acquired?

Ephox acquired the WebRadar product line from Web Presence Architects. In addition to the other features discussed above, this product line is also capable of:

  • Reassigning workflow processes for multiple areas at once
  • Fixing metadata across the site in bulk
  • Updating permissions for many areas at once

WebRadar will be integrated into Ephox's offerings throughout the first quarter of 2010.