Well, actually, it looks like instead of being called EPiServer CMS 6, the Web CMS product is now being referred to as something along the lines of the Next Generation EPiServer CMS.

But sticking to the facts, the new release unveils such new functionalities as OnlineCenter with a widgetized dashboard for monitoring and managing a variety of content management activities, ability to publish content straight from MS Office, global navigation and global search, among others.

Here’s What’s New in EPiServer CMS 6

episerver dashboard.jpg

OnlineCenter is an iGoogle-like interface with a customizable dashboard featuring standard or custom gadgets.

episerver edit mode.jpg

Preview in editing mode

episerver localization.jpg

Globalization and multi-site management for managing several sites from one environment and publish content in different languages, while being able to share and re-use templates, content and functionalities.

episerver report_center.JPG

Detailed reporting is available in the Report Center and includes information like changed pages, expired pages, pages not yet published and link status.

Other new features include:

  • Global Navigation allowing content authors to navigate different integrated products (EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Community and EPiServer Mail) and third-party products

  • Ability to publish directly from Microsoft Office if this is your content authoring environment of choice add them to the File Management Library
  • Global search across multiple sites
  • Browser-independent inline editor (implemented using TinyMCE)
  • Dynamic Data preview
  • Auto save and drag & drop
  • Access rights on page types and languages
  • WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlet)
  • Dynamic Data Store using LINQ
  • Change log feature
  • Built-in marketing and sales engine EPiTrace

Coming next in EPiServer CMS (news, site) is the expansion of hosting service, launch of an eCommerce product and development of additional OnlineCenter gadgets focused on management and measurement activities. Another piece of news we’re waiting for from EPi is their IPO plans coming to fruition.