EPiServer CMS Integrates Marketing and Sales Engine

EPiServer (news, site), on its ongoing quest in "the new era of the Engaged Web," has news for marketers, who are looking to deliver dynamic, personalized, optimized and measurable web experiences.

EPiServer Marketing Arena is a new product designed to do just that, and then some.

Things EPiServer Marketing Arena Can Do

The new release consists of several integrated modules and services to help marketers create, manage, monitor and optimize web campaigns, while (ah, the cherry on top) generating traffic and leads.

Tracking the success (or lack thereof) of those campaigns is available in real-time. Lead generation data can be captured and fed to a CRM system.

CMS Integration

Marketing Arena is also integrated with EPiServer CMS to provide a centralized content repository for creating, tracking and monitoring web content, campaigns and landing pages.

Learning Opportunities

Campaign Tracking and Optimization

The EPiServer Campaign Monitoring and Optimization (CMO) module is part of the EPiServer Marketing Arena and provides A/B testing capabilities. Some of the features include the ability to track campaign performance in real-time, generate reports, monitor website traffic with EPiTrace view and track campaigns from an iPhone with the EPiTrack App.

SEO Support

Some Search Engine Optimization-related tools are included in EPiServer Marketing Arena as well. The SEO service can run keyword analysis and page stats for every page, following which it creates a search scorecard.

Developers and editors can then use that information to streamline their SEO efforts in both coding and content creation activities. Digital Visibility reports are used to show how findable the content is.

Personalization and Prospecting

EPiServer focuses its personalized content delivery efforts with modules utilizing Dun & Bradstreet data to lookup what company, industry and geography each website visitor comes from. The goal here is to serve personalized and relevant content to improve the level of visitor engagement and increase conversion rates.

Personalized content delivery is being chased by many Web CMS vendors -- both SaaS and on-the-premise. For EPiServer, it is their way of “turning the concept of the Engaged Web into reality.” If you had a chance to play with the new product, do let us know of your impressions.