Episerver Web CMS Offers new easy to use web editor
Not everyone is a web designer -- Episerver, a Web content management provider, realizes this, and that is why the company has released Episerver Create+. Non-technical web editors and designers will be able to quickly make drastic changes to the content, layouts and functions of a Web page.Episerver Create+ is one of the first of several packages that are being developed and released for Episerver CMS. These various Web CMS packages are targeted for a specific audience that can better serve their needs while offering support for those packages as well.

Episerver Create+ Features

Episerver Create+ adds several features that will be welcomed by non-technical users who want to create a functional Website: * Drag and Drop: Multiple types of media including text, images and videos can be easily added, removed and edited with the mouse. * Image Editing: The user interface allows simple image editing functions to take place directly in the Web browser. * Flash Editing: A built-in flash generator allows users to easily create and make changes to Flash-based content. * E-mail Functionality: With the help of an integrated e-mail engine, a user can easily send newsletters and promotional content to select groups through the Web site. “We make Episerver CMS better by listening to what our 2000-plus customers say and developing new ways to make their life easier. Create+ helps web editors work more effectively by letting them handle their own web page in a professional way without the help of external technical experts,” said Peter Larsson, CEO of Episerver. Episerver will be releasing more products like Episerver Create+, but their latest addition will surely appeal to those users who are new to Web editing and design. There is a growing desire for these types of technologies, so look out for more additions in the future.