EPiServer (news, site) is offering a new free addition to its wide range of content management add-ons for its EPiServer CMS 5 product. EventX offers meeting and event management to help wrangle the herds of invitees to your company's latest shindig.

Putting on a Show?

EventX is a useful tool for helping company coordinators plan and schedule meetings and events, from office catch-ups to symposiums. It helps by managing invitations to an event, replacing the oft-used spreadsheet. It gives a complete overview of registrations, booking confirmations and agenda updates that can be issued automatically.

The program can even print name badges for attendees, complete with bar codes. It can close registration on a specific date, preventing late comers from crashing the event. It can also let you know when the event is fully booked, further helping to manage numbers. EventX can be easily integrated with CRM solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.


EPiServer Event Badge

Testing its own product in the wild, CEO of EPiServer, Peter Larsson commented "We used EventX to manage the 1,200 customers and partners who attended our own sales event earlier this year. It saved our organisers a lot of time and energy."

The program will be available on the CodeResort website, but is not currently listed as there is no documentation for it. Keep an eye on the site for the code to drop.



EPiServer is regularly updated with add-ons

EPiServer products, including the core EPiServer CMS 5 product required to run EventX and the other products available on CodeResort are available from a wide number of global partners. The system is based on Microsoft .NET 3.5 and has a host of diverse expansions, either freely available as open source or paid for.