eXo releases web content management 2.0
In a similar manner to how it offers social capabilities to the GateIn Portal, eXo (newssite) now offers web content management.

Adding Content Management to Your Portal

It was stated in 5 Things to Consider When Integrating Your Content Management System and Your Portal, that integrating content management and portal is not trivial, but if done right, it can provide a lot of business value. Instead of requiring organizations to implement a third party content management system into its platform, eXo has chosen to build its own CMS services.


eXo Content Services 

eXo has added content management into the eXo Platform as a core service. It includes all the standard content management functionality needed to extend content management to portal based applications.

eXo Content Services is made up of three key functions: web content management, document management and workflow. There are a number of tools and resources for developers to create robust web content management for applications and websites that run inside the GateIn Portal. 



eXo WCM Sample Homepage 

You can read the full list of features for the content services on the eXo website, but here are few things you would expect:

  • Preview and Publish Content
  • Reusable templates and themes and the ability to create your own
  • Personalization for both content and design
  • Web based administration, including managing multiple sites from a central location
  • Version and rollback
  • Friendly URLs

eXo WCM is customizable from the content repository, to the metadata, to the templates used for editing and displaying content. Extensions are also included to add document management and workflow, and there is a rich API and plug-in framework to allow developers to create their own extensions and plug-ins (including support for OpenSocial widgets). 

It is interesting to note that of all the standards that eXo Content Services supports, CMIS is not one of them. The vendor is working with the standard though, showing how Zoho can integrate with GateIn via the new CMIS standard. So maybe it's only a matter time before we see support for the document management feature of eXo Content Services.

[Editor's Note: According to eXo, CMIS is a supported standard for eXo Content Services: xCMIS, is final: xcmis.org]


eXo WCM File Explorer

Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO of eXo had this to say

With eXo WCM, users have a complete portal and content management system in a single software package -- eliminating the need to cobble together solutions from different vendors. Anyone can start using eXo WCM on its own today. But for those enterprises looking for an elegant, integrated way to modernize their Java applications, eXo WCM is a hint of what’s to come with the eXo Platform."

Have a look at eXo WCM in action:

Getting Started with eXo WCM 2.0 from eXo on Vimeo.

A Key Part of the User Experience

eXo WCM 2.0 is bundled with GateIn Portal 3.0 and Tomcat 6.0 out of the box. It is free to download under the open source Affero Gnu Public License (AGPL). If you are looking for support for the WCM services, it will be available as part of the eXo Platform 3.0 coming out later this year.

eXo is quick to point out that eXo WCM 2.0 is not a standalone open source Web CMS solution to compete with the likes of Drupal or Joomla! It is a core service within the eXo Platform, part of an overall set of services that support the complete user experience.