For his presentation at the eZ Conference, Victor Sanchez of Hachette Media presented a quick overview of his company's implementation of eZ Flow and eZ Find for Woman's Day Magazine.

Woman's Day got its start in the 1930's, but the venerable magazine is taking on the digital age with an on-line portal. 90% of the site's content is original, and Sanchez reports that the editorial staff at the magazine are pleased with the flexibilty of eZ Flow.

Using dynamic blocks and by tracking clicks on the main page, the editorial staff can move around their content on the fly taking into account what is, and isn't working on the layout. This, in turn, has freed up Sanchez and his department to work on new projects (such as an upcoming recipe finder iPhone app) rather than tweaking templates for the site.

As for searching, Woman's Day uses eZ Find, and has worked out a way to tag and search content in order to run a promotional campaign against certain types of content.

The site integrates Brightcove for video, DART, Moniture, WordPress, Silver Pop and some Typepad for blog content.

Sanchez and his team are gearing up for a site redesign. With the platform already in place, the redesign is a simple matter of gathering together the development requirements.