eZ Revamps Integrator Partner Program

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eZ Revamps Integrator Partner Program
eZ, the creator of eZ Publish Web CMS, introduced a revamped Professional Partner Network program. Changes include an updated training and certification program for partners, as well as a better distinction between various partner levels.

Partners Program Expanding

In 2006, eZ had 50 worldwide partners. Two years later, almost 230 companies are official eZ partners. The company says that demand for eZ Publish among large organizations has contributed to the Partner Network's recent growth. eZ has a partner strategy, where all implementation work of its eZ Publish CMS is done by its official partners. The implementations usually include design, integration and hosting services. eZ's role is to enable partners to do their best by backing them up with training, certification, consulting and support.

Assuring eZ Quality

The eZ Partner Program combines Open Source values with commercial benefits. It rewards partners for their community and commercial activities. The program is open to any IT company that is interested in delivering services around eZ Publish. eZ provides special training and certification services to help new partners to start with this Web CMS. “We are dedicated to bringing new partners up to speed quickly by certifying them. This is key for eZ to answer the growing demand around our technology,” says Aleksander Farstad, CEO of eZ.

From Silver to Gold

A trained and certified partner can now reach the second of four partner levels immediately. This makes him/her a Silver Partner. To reach the Gold Partner level, companies must commit to delivering all of their projects based on eZ Publish Premium.

Why It’s Cool to be a Partner

Being an official eZ partner has many perks to it. Partners can enjoy the following benefits:* Project referrals* Discounts and commissions on eZ's products and services* VisibilityWe say it was a good move on behalf of eZ. It’s not a secret that the overall success of a solution depends greatly on the quality of its implementations and, hence, on the quality of eZ integrators. The more perks and education they get, the better it is for eZ and its customers. eZ has proved to us that open source can be profitable. Then the company expanded its footprint and opened an office in Japan. Somehow, in the midst of this global economical chaos, eZ makes things look nice and easy.