FatWire Aims to Fortify Partner Program Offerings

Hot on the heels of last week's move to "rescue" its competitors' customers, FatWire is back in the news. Fortifying their competitive edge, folks at FatWire (news, site) launched a new partner program aiming to extend reach and consulting capabilities globally.

Once Autonomy Interwoven and Vignette customers start jumping the ship (if they, in fact, do so), a stronger partner network will clearly come in handy. Sapient, Satyam and EMC Conchango are among FatWire’s "leading partners," if that tells you anything.

The Global Partner Program covers FatWire's full portfolio of solutions -- web content management, targeted marketing and analytics, collaboration and community, content integration, and mobile delivery.

Partners will be able to get certified to deliver the technical, business and marketing consulting services to customers, which should benefit all parties involved.

There are three levels:

  • Registered Partner: Experience with multiple implementations, offer some services.
  • Certified Partner: Experts in best practices with access to FatWire technical resources.
  • Premium Partner: “Deepest knowledge” of best practices, highest levels of access to FatWire expertise and technical resources.

According to the vendor, 2008 had brought approximately 40% revenue growth. Without a successful partner network, it would be difficult to sustain growth. In most cases, it’s next to impossible to be a successful partner without vendor support.