Fatwire A Leader in Forrester Wave for External Websites
Obviously if you make the list of any analyst report -- at least in a good light -- you want the world to know. For FatWire (news, site), that analyst report comes in the form of the Forrester Wave for Web Content Management For External Sites, Q2 2009.

One of three leaders among ten web content management systems listed, FatWire received recognition for “business-user-oriented tools that enable not only the management of content, but targeted delivery, analysis, and optimization of content consumption as well.”

We won't go into the details of the report, we did that in our article SDL Tridion Named Leader in Web CMS for External Sites. Suffice it to say, this report is designed for enterprise level organizations who have money to spare (well, no one really has money to spare these days).

It's worth noting that FatWire is the smallest vendor to make the Forrester Wave list. Does that make it any less good? We doubt it, but sometimes the smaller vendors can give better support.

Get your copy of the Forrester Wave and get more detail on FatWire and the other leaders.