FatWire Offers New Tools For Rapid Implementation of Content Server
FatWire (news, site) has a new release of Content Server out today and the update is aimed at developers and sys admins. Let's check out what's new.

Driving Engagement Optimization

There's no doubt that organizations need to constantly be updating their website to content fresh, relevant and displayed in ways that customers expect. This means work not only for marketers and editors, but also for developers and system administrators who work behind the scenes to ensure the website is running as expected and offers the right capabilities.

Which is the reason for the FatWire Content Server 7.6(FatWire's Web Content Management System) announcement today. According to FatWire's VP of Product Management, Mariam Tiraq, this release is a focus on the tools for developers and adminstrators.

For the Developer

FatWire now offers its own Eclipse IDE plug-in that integrates FatWire templates and sites for quick and easy development and testing. Developers can now also integrate FatWire templates with version control systems.

Tiraq told us that some customers had already built their own integrations but FatWire felt it wanted to own that development tool integration and provide better support around it.

In addition to the Eclipse integration, there is also an Asset Processing API. This is an extension that can trigger any kind of process on an asset (any asset in FatWire) -- a call out to an external process, such as creating renditions of an asset, validating fields, etc... This API could be used as part of a workflow process, or separately.

For the Administrator

There are some new tools/reports for the System Administrator who's responsibility it is to ensure the website stays up and running and performs well. These include:

  • Log Viewer -- to view production log files
  • Performance test Tool -- Tests file system performance and lets an admin look inside the cache (cache is an important component of FatWire Content Server)
  • Logging Levels -- Admins can turn on additional logging levels without having to restart the server
  • Collect System Info -- bundles up system information that can be used for reporting/troubleshooting

FatWire Content Server 7.6 is the heart of its Web Engagement Management solution, so it's important to ensure the right tools are provided to both developers and system admins to put new features and functionality on the website as quickly as possible and ensure it is performing as expected.

This is a fairly minor release for FatWire, the big one -- Content Server 8.0 -- is expected sometime this year and is the release we are patiently waiting to learn about.