Joomla Open Source CMS
The recently released Joomla! 1.5 gets a new presentation extension this week -- a particularly pretty photo gallery component which has a number of useful features. FlippingBook presents jpgs and swfs in a book format, complete with animated turning pages. The component is installed as per the usual simple Joomla! routine and administered from the Joomla! UI. Different menu items can have flip books attached to them, and the whole process of creating your galleries is pretty straightforward. There are a range of themes available to suit your website color scheme and you can hack away at the CSS components of the application to your heart's content. Now let's talk application. First, forget about photo presentation... what a great way this is to present multiple video galleries (embedded in .swf) without cluttering your page? Or, what about product catalogs? So far as I can tell there is no way to apply links to media in the body of the galleries, which is a shame. Maybe in 1.x. But FlippingBook not just a pretty face... well actually, it is mostly about being pretty. But where's the harm in that? This is commercial software. Full version pricing starts at $40 for a miserable one domain, 3-month license. But there is an ad-supported free 'Demo' version also available -- although galleries rendered with the demo can only run to eight pages. Commercial versions come with technical support. Check out this new Joomla! module here, or go straight to the FlippingBook online demo.