One classic argument for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud model is that it shifts accounting for large parts of your IT budget from a capital expense (CapEx) to an operational expense (OpEx), thus potentially spreading costs over time, making budget approvals simpler, etc.

Intelligent people still disagree as to whether or not this is a compelling argument. But accounting aside, you have probably had cause to consider running a cloud-based Web Content Management System for a variety of reasons.

Arguments in favor of a SaaS Web CMS typically include:

  • Faster implementation times
  • No hardware or software maintenance required
  • Out of the box connectors for a number of 3rd party systems
  • A user experience that supports both non-technical users and power users
  • A scalable infrastructure that can support a global implementation

Join Forrester Research senior analyst Stephen Powers to explore the SaaS Web CMS pros and cons in detail. A webinar entitled Is SaaS Web Content Management Right for You? is running Wednesday, February 16 at 11am Pacific time / 2pm Eastern time / 19:00 GMT.

During the webinar you will learn about what Forrester is calling the WCM Maturity Curve, where your organization sits on it and what it will take to move to the next level. You'll also learn the "next" practices of content and marketing optimization using a SaaS-based Web CMS. In addition, Keith Cook, Global eBusiness Officer at ACE Group will give you his first hand experiences implementing a SaaS solution.

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