Today is definitely a day for new and updated releases. The most recent play was made by the Six Apart team (news, site), who last night announced that they’re moving on to bigger and better numbers when it comes to Movable Type. That is, Movable Type 4.3 Beta is now open to the public.

Some key points to keep in mind with the release:

  • This version has most of 4.3's new features, including comment pagination and a new entry asset manager.
  • The first release is an alpha (MTOS-4.3a1) and 2 more releases are expected during the beta period. The final release will reportedly be in 3 weeks.
  • Six Apart urges you to remember this is alpha software and is not intended for use in a production environment.
  • Reference documentation has been overhauled for this release. Nearly 100 pages have already been updated, and you can expect more info on this topic soon, including ways in which you can get involved

A detailed look into this teaser is available on the Movable Type 4.3 Beta page here, where you'll also find links to download the platform. Take it for a test drive and let us (and maybe even Six Apart, too) know what you think.