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Following the trend of globalized Web content, Toronto-based Clay Tablet, which connects Web content management systems to translation systems, has wedded its way into the European market by developing a partnership with XTRA Translation Services, a translation provider and consulting firm.XTRA provides localization, translation and consulting services for global clients seeking ins with the European market. Existing patrons include IBM and HP. The firm will use Clay Tablet as a solution for its own clients. Stefan Lampert, managing director at XTRA, describes the previously dire situation thus: "The various systems on the market just can't talk to each other, therefore the content translation process is inherently inefficient. As a result, we're seeing increasing client demand for seamless, automated integration software for translation process efficiency. Clay Tablet is a unique solution that fills that gap perfectly." Clay Tablet operates like a kind of Rosetta Stone for enterprises. With the use of Language Service Providers, it automates the flow of content between any CMS and translation system. Get a load of how it all works at You may also want to reflect on recent Tridion SDL news.