Hannon Hill Updates Web CMS; Boosts Performance, Security

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Late in 2007, when Hannon Hill (news, site)  the Web CMS vendor, launched Cascade Server 5.0, all the talk was about speed and reliability.

This week, with the official release of the Cascade Server 6.0, Hannon Hill has achieved the speeds it wants as this version is focused on back-end performance enhancements, flexibility to manage more users and new additions: sites, and fully-customizable roles.

Cascade Server is an XML-based web content management system aimed at medium-sized organizations. It includes AJAX enabled WYSIWYG editing, file management, collaboration and compliance support.


Upgrades in Roles And Sites

And now having finished with the v5.x series the new developments introduced with v6.0 aim to manage the growing number of Cascade implementations, the growing number of users, and the growing number of business locations that need to communicate with each other using Cascade.

Cascade, the company says, also gives content managers more direct control over their individual sites so that server administrators can focus on doing what they do best – administering systems.

Cascade Server 6.0 has a number of upgrades on the v5.x series, many of which come from their communities ‘must-have’ list.

Grouping over 40 changes together, there are two principal areas where upgrades have occurred: Roles, and Sites.

The Roles function has been upgraded so that users and groups can now customize roles enabling them to modify specific abilities from site to site and meet the changing needs and demands of different departments in different organizations on different enterprise sites.

The other major change is that sites have become new asset types and can be used to formally organize other assets in the Home and Administration areas.

Built with new drop-down menus, the interface contains site-specific elements with content viewable according to user roles and the access rights they have been given.

Learning Opportunities

Upgrades Stem From Community Beta Test

Earlier in the year, when Hannon Hill launched their Success community, it actively encouraged users to give them feedback on the Cascade v5.

As the home of their blogs, forums and wikis, the Success Community was the obvious arena for releasing a public Beta candidate of Cascasde 6.0.

And feedback they got.

Unveiling, v6.0, David Cummings, founder and CEO of Hannon Hill, said their Success Community had made it easier for the company to assess the real needs of their community as well as suggestions on how to implement changes.

“We've found that giving our users a venue for sharing ideas, best practices, and useful content such as code snippets has added to the transparency of our product information and given our community one central location for finding all Cascade Server-related resources,” he said.

With this addition to its resources, Hannon Hill carried out a full Beta test before launching v6.0 and has incorporated a number of improvements and bug-fixes into this version.

It remains to be seen now whether the Success Community members are as happy with Cascade upgrades as they were with the Success Community itself.