Hippo CMS Uses Kapow Migration Module to Move Customers Over

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Hippo CMS To Use Kapow Migration Module to Move Customers Over
Seems Hippo (news, site) has found a way to migrate customers onto their open source CMS platform quickly. They have partnered with Kapow Technologies, enabling them to use the migration module of the Kapow Web Data Server.

Kapow Technologies has been in the news a bit lately, marketing the Migration Module of their Web Data Server. CMSWire profiled the module, noting the ability to configure and test migration robots as they are built as a strong capability.

Kapow and Hippo demonstrated their partnership at the Gilbane Conference yesterday. You can see that demo below:

Learning Opportunities


The recent release of Hippo CMS 7.2 has put more control into the hands of end users, offering tools like a Configuration Editor, Template Editor and new batch workflow and versioning functionality. All things that appeal to end users as they try to reduce their reliance on IT.

With Hippo making the Deloitte EMEA Fast 500 for the third consecutive year and being the only open source Web CMS to do so, we may see this new partnership being put through its paces.